[techtalk] been hacked...?

Walt pippin at fred.net
Mon Jan 15 15:08:24 EST 2001

I just traveled to the Philippine Islands for
nearly 3 weeks. (Sidenote: foreign computer
situation in that country is uh... interesting :-)

Upon returning, I was going to check some
of my log files and discovered my entire /var/log
directory was missing. Everything seems to
working fine (except cron which has started
functioning again after I recreated the log folder),
I haven't inspected many config files as yet, but
I've found no files deleted, my web page has not
been changed, no files stored in the ftp directory.

My question is: Is there some other explanation
as to how the entire directory was deleted, other
than that my computer was hacked?



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     virtue is not hereditary.
                                 Thomas Paine

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