[techtalk] Parition help

Lisa Mendonsa lisa at phil.com.sg
Fri Jan 12 13:04:24 EST 2001

Well, I more or less had a small problem when I tried deleting my
partitions of Linux RH7, and DOS pirmary and extended . I deleted them
using Linux fdisk (using the installation CD) and then run the windows fdisk to delete the DOS
But at this point it told me that it could not delete the DOS extended
partition when logical partitions exist. So I tried deleting the "logical
 partitions" ,but lo and behold , it tells me there are no logical
partitions defined. This has soemthing to do with the ext2 partition
created for Linux. Using the installation CD didnt help much either, even
using Disk Druid, so I used Partition Magic, which cleant out my
partitions nicely. But be careful using it, I hear it can be quite deadly
;) . Partition Magic is available on Chip CD June 2000 issue, but should
also be freely available on the net.
 On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Kath wrote:

> Ok, my friend installed Red Hat 6.2 and has decided she hates linux.  Oh well.  Lets not lecture her on Linux vs. Windows.
> What is the easiest way for her to delete her linux partition and create a FAT32 one so she can reinstall Windows?  cfdisk?  fdisk?
> - Kath


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