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Hi, Mary,

Yes, but...

The reason most stores do this is because the markup on PC hardware is so
close to nil that in order for them to make any kind of a profit they
basically have to charge you more for the parts and pieces than a whole
system.  The system we got for my Mom just over a year ago came with
everything in your e-mail... and cost $500.  OK, they've gone up since, but
not that much.

In any case, what you are looking for is:


They're local to me, but they will gladly sell you whatever you want.



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Once upon a time, in a long forgotten land, I went to
a computer store online and they had a build-your-own
feature.  I.e.; a checklist of what kind of case do you
want, processor, RAM, any sound cards or NICs, blah, blah,
blah, and it spat out the price of your new tower.

Anyone know where on the 'Net such a place exists?  All
I've been able to find are places which want to sell me
pre-built PCs complete with the monitor, keyboard, mouse,
and speakers which I don't need.

Help!  - Mary

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