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Gina Lanik geek.grrl at chello.at
Sun Jan 7 15:18:14 EST 2001

hm, sounds like a RedHat system to me... I got myself a SoundBlaster 
PCI512 which actually uses emu10k1, funny enough that kudzu (sp?) in RH 
6.2 detected and configured the card automagically.... in Debian Potato 
(my main system now) it was a lot harder ;-)

have fun,


On Sat, 06 Jan 2001 22:02:39 CST, Lyta Alexander writes:
>On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Elizabeth Wright wrote:
>> i've got instructions on how to configure the sound system.  i log in as
>> root, stick in the first cd that came with the book, and start an x-terminal
>> session.  i type sndconfig and get their little blue magic window.  it has
>> the correct sound card detected (i've got a Creative SoundBlaster Live card)
>> but when it runs the test, I dont hear anything.  i've tried locating the
>> card manually by looking in the /proc directory (which didnt do anything if
>> i remember right) and also by looking through the boot log <more
>> /var/log/dmesg>, which detected the correct card, but once again running the
>> test I dont hear a thing.  I dont get any warning beeps or bells ever
>> (althogh I'm not sure that I ever should... since i've never seen/heard
>> what's supposed to happen when i do various things).
>try as root typing : lsmod
>you are looking for a module called emu10k1
>if it is there maybe the volume is get very low by default, you probably
>have a mixer program installed though i've no idea what gui mixers there
>if lsmod doesn't show the emu10k1 module
>modprobe emu10k1
>> whee!!  i'm finally playing with linux! this is so fun!  i've got scads to
>> learn, and no time!  but i love learning things.  ok yeah i think that's it.
>> sorry it's so long... anybody have ideas for me?
>> thanks a million,
>> bets

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