[techtalk] VMWare and LILO configuration

Subba Rao subb3 at attglobal.net
Sun Jan 7 08:29:15 EST 2001

I have installed VMWare on my Linux (host). There are 2 seprate HDs on this
system. I have created raw disks to install the guest OSs. Win98 is installed
as a guest OS on one raw disk (/dev/hda5).

The problem now is with LILO. I have installed LILO on my /dev/hda MBR. Each
time I power on the VMWare, it goes to the LILO prompt. So I modified the
lilo.conf to provide Win98 as an option. At the VMWare LILO prompt I select
Win98 and then Win98 starts fine.

In the current LILO configuration, I have:
Can anyone recommend a better LILO and/or VMWare configuration? I prefer that
VMWare not to prompt me for the guest OS. I plan to install other Guest OSs on
other HD (/dev/hdb). How will the "boot" directive in lilo.conf, direct to the
other guest OSs on /dev/hdb1 or /dev/hdb2 etc?

Thank you in advance.                                                           
Subba Rao                                                                       
subb3 at attglobal.net                                                             

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