[techtalk] what to do with panic output

Kristin Ziel zoop at sound.scc.net
Fri Jan 5 15:54:05 EST 2001

I've come across this problem, with the kernel barfing up a bunch of hex
output (stack and other information).  None of the output gets saved in
any log files <the shame of it all!>, but i did write down the output on
the screen from the last episode.  I am assuming that this is a hardware
problem, and from what i've been able to gether, using ksymoops < oops.txt
(where oops.txt is the output i transcribed from the screen) *should* help
to pinpoint that.

Do i need to run the ksymoops from the same computer which barfed?  Are
there other tools which will help me to determine which piece of hardware
(if it truly is the hardware) is causing this panic?  

from what i've been able to tell, the output from ksymoops is also
numeric.. and how do i translate that ?  is there a table that i should
use for reference? 

thanks... :)

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