[Techtalk] Help running X on my television

Julie jockgrrl at austin.rr.com
Tue Aug 28 02:40:35 EST 2001

Please, don't laugh.  Really.

I have a new computer whose job is running all of the entertainment
center stuff I have -- ripping CDs, capturing video, playing music,
playing video files, etc.  I'm running it without a monitor on
account of I have it wired up to the television for video capture
and playback.  The video card is an ATI All-In-Wonder Pro 128 and
it supports composite video output to a television, so that's what
I've been using for the monitor.

Most of the time I run Windows Me on account of that is where the
video capture and editing and whatnot tools all live.  But I also
want to be able to run Linux.  I can get Linux to run in text mode
just fine and the screen shows up on my TeeVee.  But when I try to
start X in 800x600 mode, X pitches a fit and I get no display on
either a real monitor hooked up to the standard video output or the
TeeVee.  And there are no diagnostic messages saying what went

Has anyone ever done what I'm trying to do?
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