[Techtalk] klogd using 99% CPU

Jennifer Hamilton jhamilto at n2h2.com
Wed Aug 22 08:55:26 EST 2001

It's strange that rebooting didn't work, but restarting syslog did,
since syslog is restarted when you boot. Perhaps there's something in
the boot process that is causing the hang. 

Does the problem occur again if you reboot it again? Try killing the
syslogd process and restart it with the -d (debug) option. This will
make it not go into the background and you can study any output. What
happens if you put the -d option for syslog in the /etc/init.d/syslogd
startup file (that is the debian location, your startup file may exist
elsewhere) and reboot it?  


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I rebooted the machine and it still had the problem. But a friend of
had me restart syslog something, and I haven't had the problem since
(that I
know of).

When it was having the problem, it didn't appear to be writing to any
that I could find.

I'll have to wait and see if it happens again.

-- dennis

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What state does it show it's in when you do a ps auxww? Does it happen
every time? Do the logs say anything about it? What else is running that
could be causing it to use a lot of CPU?


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What would cause klogd to suddenly start using all my CPU cycles?

A search on google suggest I should just update to a newer version, and
other links points to some problem with the 3c59x ethernet driver (which
is what I think I have).

But this machine has been running for a year or more without this
problem, and I have another machine with the same hardware and Linux
distribution that doesn't have this problem.

Where do I start looking for the apparent sudden cause?

-- dennis

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