[Techtalk] klogd using 99% CPU

Jennifer Hamilton jhamilto at n2h2.com
Tue Aug 21 10:36:47 EST 2001

What state does it show it's in when you do a ps auxww? Does it happen
every time? Do the logs say anything about it? What else is running that
could be causing it to use a lot of CPU?


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What would cause klogd to suddenly start using all my CPU cycles?

A search on google suggest I should just update to a newer version, and
other links points to some problem with the 3c59x ethernet driver (which
is what I think I have).

But this machine has been running for a year or more without this
problem, and I have another machine with the same hardware and Linux
distribution that doesn't have this problem.

Where do I start looking for the apparent sudden cause?

-- dennis

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