[Techtalk] New problem - video

Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Fri Aug 17 12:58:32 EST 2001

Well, I solved my first problem - I used dselect to configure the files 
that needed configuation. Unlike apt-get, it skips packages with dependency 
problems. Yay!

Now, I'm back to an old X problem. If you recall, I had a Permedia video 
card, that I thought might be bad. So I replaced it with an ATI Xpert 128 
which uses the Rage chipset.

If I run XFree86 -configure, I get a fatal server error - it says that 
"XFree86 has found a valid card configuration. Unfortunately the 
appropriate data has not been added to xf86PciInfo.h" - this seems like 
that means it's an unsupported card.

If I run xf86config, the actual card is not in the card database, so I 
chose a card which uses the same chipset and driver (r128) as the XPert 
128, the Rage 128.  When I've finished it, and try to start x, I get a 
fatal error, saying "no screens found."

According to everything I'd been able to find before I bought the card, 
this card is supported by XFree86 4.x! So I'm confused here.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Michelle Murrain
michelle at murrain.net

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