[techtalk] tar hell, help!

Magni Onsoien magnio at pvv.ntnu.no
Sat Aug 4 22:31:21 EST 2001

Andrew Wendt:
> On August 4, 2001 13:04, bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu wrote:
> > The problem here is that though tar kept the permissions and file
> > ownerships for the mail directories and sub directories, it DID NOT keep
> > them for the preceeding directories (i.e., USERDIRS or SUBDIRS).  I'm
> > guessing that that's because it was told to archive the maildirectories,
> > and is only creating the paths itself, so it creates them as whoever the
> > user executing the tar extraction is.
> >
> > This, however, doesn't help me.  I've got 300+ USERDIRS, and can't
> > (obviously) chown them all by hand afterwords.
> Could you make another archive first, with "find . -type d" to grab the whole 
> directory structure, and then untar the files into that?

Or use find to make a filelist and store this in a file, then use tar
--files-from=NAME [other options] to create an achive with these files?

Magni :)
sash is very good for you.

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