[techtalk] advice and opinions wanted on Linux servers

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Thu Aug 2 20:57:08 EST 2001

But I doubt there are many of those here.....   :)

Please have a look at the 6400 and 7400 servers on Gateway's Web site, 
and tell me if you think RedHat 7.1 will run on them without major tweaking. 
I've looked at Red Hat's hardware compatibility list, there may be issues 
with some of the Adaptec cards. I'm evaluating servers from various national 
vendors, I'm looking for machines I can drop RH 7.1 on for file & print 
serving, user authentication, RAID 1, and data storage. Basic small business 

I would very much appreciate some extra eyeballs looking at this, I want 
input from outside of Gateway, for obvious reasons.

I wouldn't mind some suggestions for a top-notch local shop. A national brand 
= more customer peace of mind, but there's some advantages to using local 

Thanks much!

Carla Schroder, Ace PC Goddess
Plain English Spoken Here
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RedHat Linux 7.1

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