[techtalk] can i help me

sreeram skanumuri at email.masconit.com
Thu Aug 2 15:28:35 EST 2001

ya i am happy to see ur reply,

ok i am writting a program in linux 6.2 which will
read the file on the other side  which is having the (*.wav) data. as every
data is there in the file the process is reading the data
very fastly that it is doing the process in very less time.
but i want to keep this process for some time but this is not happening?
infact what is happening is when it reaches the end of the file and when
data is not there it is just inserting silence in the other side of the
i dont want to keep that silence so i think if i make this process of
reading with the read function is made slow the process will
be there for some more time
i think i am clear,if i am  not clear please reply back

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> sreeram:
> >        i have a problem in REDHAT 6.2 linux, it is,
> >
> > i am reading data from one file and storing in the other side in another
> > but this process is very very very fast, like if the file is 20k it is
been completed in 5 seconds, i want to syncronise that is make this redaing
> > can any one help me how i can make this reading of data slow....
> I think you must tell us a bit more about your problem.
> - what programmes are you using to do this?
> - examples of commands or scripts you are using
> - why do you want to read it slower (that can make it easier to
> recognize the problem and propose a solution)
> etc.
> Magni :)
> --
> sash is very good for you.

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