[techtalk] Re: techtalk digest, Vol 1 #275 - 10 msgs

Eric Richard Turner turnere at cc.wwu.edu
Wed Nov 29 09:17:19 EST 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Anthony Russello wrote:

> You said that the computer won't power down using the power switch, and
> that when you plug it back in, it just starts up, again no power switch,
> try using a different power supply and see if that works before oyu go
> buyinga new motherboard.

I had already tested the power supply. The interesting thing is that when
I clear CMOS RAM (by shorting the two solder points as outlined in the
owner's manual) then plug it back in, it doesn't start up automatically.
Pressing the power switch at that point works, but then I'm back to where
I was before.

I'll see if I can replace the BIOS EEPROM before I just throw the
motherboard out. Anyone know of a good source for that? I've tried
contacting Asus, but nobody answers their phones and they aren't
responding to email!

Eric R. Turner

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