[techtalk] Back up Newbie

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Tue Nov 28 21:05:25 EST 2000

Am Die, 28 Nov 2000 schrieb Davida Schiff:

> I need some help in the backup arena. Situation: we have several
> new Linux servers running that I would like to back up. I have both
> a CD Writer and a Tape Drive. I would like to do a complete back up
> of each server on a weekly basis and daily incremental backups ,
> so that if I wipe a server I can totally restore it. Any pointers
> in the right direction would be appreciated. I have the free version
> of Arkeia's back up SW.

Hi Davida,

there was a nice little article on Arkeia at LinuxFocus recently:


But, to be perfectly honest, when looking through the search-engines
to learn more about Arkeia my face fell: there seem to be LOTS of
problems and MANY users not being able to use Arkeia the right way
or not being able to restore there data after a serious crash.

It might well be that those mistakes and problems are caused by not
reading the documentation carefully, but when reading comments like
this one


I felt kind of irritated and I wonder if its ONLY the users who are
acting the wrong way here.

In short: in my opinion it might be wise to join the Arkeia mailing
lists and discuss your wishes there. It could save you _some_ trouble!


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