[techtalk] problem with scp

gabrielle gab at gorge.net
Mon Nov 27 16:52:37 EST 2000

Hi everyone.  I love this list, I've been learning a lot.  And now I have a 

I inherited a couple of linux boxes from other people in my group.  Both 
are running Redhat, but I don't know what versions.  Probably old, as they 
were built more than a year ago.  Is there a way to find out which version 
of Redhat?  I only know 'uname', which shows the kernel, right?

linuxbox1:  built by a true wizard who is unfortunately no longer with the 
company. kernel 2.0.34

linuxbox2:  built by a very nice guy who doesn't write things down and 
won't remember what he did 10 minutes after he did it. :) kernel 2.0.36

They are both webservers, and part of my job is to keep them updated with 
current documents.  I do not have ftp enabled on either of the boxes (and 
am not permitted to), and have been using an ftp server as an intermediary, 
but it is going to go away soon.  I have been trying to use scp, but it 
works only to linuxbox1 (SSH Version 1.3.5) and not linuxbox2 (SSH Version 
OpenSSH-2.1)! >:|

Logged in to (yet another) box as root, when I try to scp a file to box 2,
I get this error:
:::-->scp testfile user at linuxbox2:/home/user/testfile
user at linuxbox2's password:
bash: scp: command not found
lost connection

If I try to scp it as root, I get:
:::-->scp testfile root at linuxbox2:/home/user/testfile
root at linuxbox2's password:
Permission denied.
lost connection

The 'command not found' thing looks like a path problem with the box I'm
scping from, but that doesn't really make sense because I'm root in both cases.

Someone in my office who knows a little unix suggested that it's something 
with the version 2 SSH.  I've looked at ssh_config on both boxes.  There 
are a few differences, but nothing obvious to me.  Of course I'm looking 
for something that says "Allow scp yes". :)  The only one that seems to 
have any bearing on the situation is the line "PasswordAuthentication yes", 
which is commented out on box1, and not on box2.

I'm not seeing anything in the howtos, and all my web searches have turned
up dead ends.  Can somebody point me in the right direction, assuming 
you've actually made it all the way through my long post?

Thanks for your help and attention,
gab at gorge.net

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