[techtalk] Testing (Was: Re: Technical issues)

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Thu Nov 23 19:08:25 EST 2000

Julie wrote:

> From: <jenn at simegen.com>
> > My test plans tend to be big long checklists that developers hate. If
> > anyone's got a better way, PLEASE say so...
> Sounds a lot like my testplans ;-)
> My =designs=, on the other hand, everyone loves.  Except for the
> people who review them because I write novels.  Dittos on the code
> I write.  One friend, upon first reading some software I'd written
> remarked that it read like a story.
> -- Julie.
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Well I always liked to see if people could break something by using  it. So
if one can publlish all sorts of nifty features (or "feartures...so many
features it's fearful) and get people to use and especially COMBINE they
that smokes out bugs. Like in drawing programs: " Well I flipped the star
to a pentagon and then tried to rotate that...." These are good test
becuase in the aforementioned case this is what artists actiually do.
Better than a simple checklist. Probsbly why people like to Beta-Test.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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