[techtalk] a PDA question

Beverly Guillermo mezanin at chno2.com
Thu Nov 23 01:49:32 EST 2000

Try the PDA from Handspring.  They're made by the same people who
developed the original Palm Pilot and they're not too expensive.  They
even have modules that does everything... the coolest one is the one that
converts it into a cell phone.  Also, about the devices, you don't have to
use palm.net -- you can configure it to use other ISPs.


On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, alissa bader wrote:

> --- David Merrill <dmerrill at lupercalia.net> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, wireless (you are talking wireless
> > here, right?) and cheap
> > don't go together. Not only do you have relatively
> > high prices for the
> > wireless models, but you pay pretty hefty (~$40 last
> > I checked) monthly
> > fees as well. By the time you add up the monthly
> > charges for a year, the
> > laptop looks a lot more attractive, doesn't it?!?!
> well.  could I use the modem on a non-wireless basis? 
> I mean, plug the modem into a standard phone jack,
> etc, and use the PDA much the same as I would a
> laptop/other machine for email checking etc?  is it
> possible for me to use my isp's dialup for this too?
> (ok, so I am somewhat clueless on a lot of this stuff
> still :>)
> thanks for all advice etc
> alissa
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