[techtalk] Testing (Was: Re: Technical issues)

Sunnanvind Briling atog at swipnet.se
Wed Nov 22 13:27:55 EST 2000

Laurel wrote:
   Scenario: You are designing a test plan for a small to medium sized
   (say, 5 core developers, 20,000 lines of code) open source/free
   software project.  All of your fellow developers recognize the wisdom
   of testing, but some have no experience in more formal (meaning
   'organized', not necessarily proofs of correctness) testing.  The
   project is written in C++, and makes extensive use of external
   libraries (in C and C++).  The application has a gui, and has a
   network component talking a well documented, standard protocol.  You
   are roughly in the beta stage, and your project is used by a few
   hundred people.

   What factors would you take into consideration, and what
   would your plan look like?

I would number it as 0.99 and release it upon the unsuspecting public.
Or do like the linux (that's kernel) gals and guys do: release it as 1.00-test1 or something.
Sunnanvind (I hope someone answers this better, I just realized my answer sucked.)

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