[techtalk] 2.2.16-22 Kernel Compile errors

Vinnie surmonde at freeshell.org
Fri Nov 17 20:24:45 EST 2000


make distclean

and start again :) 

(if that doesn't work, I dunno..I use 'make config' and just step through
everything...I'm boring, though)
(incidently, if you save off..I think it's .config .. from the directory
in another directory, and then after running 'make distclean' copy back
in, it gives you your already configured settings back.. at least with
make config it does)

Also, you might want to see if it's the SMP rule XOR the processor family
XOR both settings that fix the problem

Vinnie (who spends way too much time tweaking kernels, 'cos she likes
it...sicko :) )

surmonde at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, jeffrey wrote:

> Thanx for your response!
> I turned on the SMP rule and selected the 386 family of processors(even
> though uname reports 686---selecting 686 didn't seem to work) and it
> worked BUT I stopped the compile process(CTL-C) because there were other
> rules I wanted to try out.I did a "make xconfig" and
> I got the following error message :
>             /usr/src/linux/.hdepend:1191: *** missing separator. Stop.
> ( now I cant even get to the kernel configuration window)
> What's happening now?
> Jeff Mutonho
> Cape Town
> South Africa
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