[techtalk] "MS Office" type software

Davida Schiff dschiff at exobox.com
Wed Nov 15 16:31:50 EST 2000

Hi Bek,

You may want to give ted a try.   http://www.nllgg.nl/Ted/

        Wysiwyg rich text editing. You can use all fonts for which you have
a .afm file and that are available as an X11 font. Ted is
        delivered with .afm files for the Adobe fonts that are available on
Motif systems and in all postscript printers: Times, Helvetica,
        Courier and Symbol. Other fonts can be added with the normal X11
procedure. Font properties like bold and italic are
        supported; so is underlining and are subscripts and superscripts.
        Ted uses Microsoft RTF as its native file format. Microsoft Word and
Wordpad can read files produced by Ted. Usually Ted
        can read .rtf files from Microsoft Word and Wordpad. As Ted does not
support all features of Word,some formatting
        information might be lost.
        In line bitmap pictures.
        PostScript printing. Saved PostScript files contain pdfmarks to keep
links when they are converted to Acrobat PDF.
        Spelling checking in twelve Latin languages.
        Directly mailing documents from Ted.
        Cut/Copy/Paste, also with other applications.
        Ruler: Paragraph indentation, Indentation of first line, Tabs.
Copy/Paste Ruler.
        Page breaks.
        Tables: Insert Table, Row, Column. Changing the column width of
tables with their ruler.
        Symbols and accented characters are fully supported.
        Hyperlinks and bookmarks.
        Saving a document in HTML format.



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I need to produce a quite fancy word-processed document, with
included picture(s) (Jpeg or Gif or something, preferaly), table
of contents, footnotes, page numbers, headings, etc.  Hopefully
also #include'd files (eg chapter1.doc, chapter2.doc and book.doc
which includes all the chapters and changes if I change

It probably eventually needs to come out in MS Word format.  But
I'm trying to avoid actually MAKING it in MS Word.  

Hopefully I can avoid booting into Windows at all.  I hate it.
It drives me nuts.

I don't suppose I can do it in LaTeX and convert it across later?
I don't know of any conversion software that'll take complex
LaTeX and convert it to MS Word or RTF or anything word'll read.

How does the Office-type software for Linux go at this sort of a
job?  I've never used any of it before ... never needed it. .. I
always mark stuff up in HTML or in LaTeX.


a whiney

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