[techtalk] "MS Office" type software

Bek Oberin gossamer at tertius.net.au
Thu Nov 16 11:00:53 EST 2000

I need to produce a quite fancy word-processed document, with
included picture(s) (Jpeg or Gif or something, preferaly), table
of contents, footnotes, page numbers, headings, etc.  Hopefully
also #include'd files (eg chapter1.doc, chapter2.doc and book.doc
which includes all the chapters and changes if I change

It probably eventually needs to come out in MS Word format.  But
I'm trying to avoid actually MAKING it in MS Word.  

Hopefully I can avoid booting into Windows at all.  I hate it.
It drives me nuts.

I don't suppose I can do it in LaTeX and convert it across later?
I don't know of any conversion software that'll take complex
LaTeX and convert it to MS Word or RTF or anything word'll read.

How does the Office-type software for Linux go at this sort of a
job?  I've never used any of it before ... never needed it. .. I
always mark stuff up in HTML or in LaTeX.


a whiney

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