[techtalk] "losing" mouse on virtual machine

Nicoya nicoya at birch.net
Wed Nov 15 12:00:50 EST 2000

I'm running RH6.0 on a VMware virtual machine on an NT4 box.  Install went
swimmingly (thanks to all those who recommended VMware btw...), but after I
got X running and started trying to tweak stuff, it started locking up.
Well, maybe it's X. maybe it's just my mouse.  I'll be working along in a
couple different terminal windows, suddenly I'll be unable to use my mouse.
I can move the pointer icon around, but it will not select, resize, etc.
Basically it's like it doesn't exist.  I can still type, and if I escape out
of the vm to my NT desktop my mouse is working fine there, but is still
"lost" when I get back to my vm.

So far in VMware I haven't (bothered) to figure out how to swtich between
virtual terminals so that I might see any pertinent errors.  ctrl+alt+ - (or
is it +  -- I've tried all those combos) does not seem to be letting me get
out of X either.  So basically this message is a cry for hints on where to
start troubleshooting! (or, depending on responses, a sign from a higher
power that I need to forget X and stick with the beloved CLI.)


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