[techtalk] Lilo (or is it mbr?) woes

Sunnanvind Briling atog at swipnet.se
Wed Nov 8 01:47:50 EST 2000

   kent wrote:

   > I think "boot=" should be pointed to /dev/hda.
   > Try adding -
   > boot=/dev/hda
   > to /etc/lilo.conf
   > and run /sbin/lilo again.
Laurel wrote:
   It doesn't have to be. (I have mine as boot and root both /dev/hda3) I
   think it's something to do with the debian mbr, which I also use, and
   putting lilo in the partition boot sector.

   Only thing that I can think of is that the old lilo may have gotten
   into the mbr (overwriting the debian one, which might cause the old
   lilo to be used instead of the new one, which you installed on the
   partition).  Maybe try running install-mbr to put debian-mbr there
   again (you probably know this, but if you're changing the mbr, you
   should have a non-hard-drive way of booting, like a floppy, which you
   already have since you've been changing lilo, right? (Oh, and remember
   to take out the floppy :) Once I was confused for hours because after
   recompiling my kernel, it was still using the old one.  Turned out I
   had forgotten to take out the floppy I'd made in case the new kernel
   didn't work.))?

Me, Sunnan:
I did change it to just /dev/hda, wich resulted in the new lilo overwriting the mbr (it hadn't before). While this works, I'd like the Debian mbr back, like it used to be. Is it just "install-mbr" as root? (I don't know anything about this, I tried looking in the man page.)
I do have a couple of rescue CDs (and a way to get a rescue floppy, should all of the CDs fail [though they haven't before]).


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