[techtalk] creating filesystems

Angela Nash Chick at the-nashes.net
Tue Nov 7 13:22:40 EST 2000

You don't need to format a drive before putting an image back down with dd.
In fact, dd will totally overwrite any formatting already done as it is a
byte by byte copy.


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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way in linux to create a ufs filesystem?  In /home on
hda, I have an x86 Solaris image that I'd like to dd to hdb, which is
unformatted.  I tried mkfs -t ufs, but of course that didn't go over too
well :)  Also, any information on the stability of linux ufs write support
would be weighed carefully, as I think I may need to go about this
differently.  I'm running Redhat 6.2 with kernel 2.2.16.

Thanks in advance,

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