[techtalk] Re: OpenBSD vs. Debian 2.2

Stacie Turner sturner at MRA-NET.ORG
Thu Nov 2 11:28:33 EST 2000

I am an OpenBSD fan for one simple, selfish reason.  I have an internal
modem.  I spent months tearing my hair out trying to get Linux (Red Hat) to
find the modem, trying way to many things and imploring all my local gurus
for help, most of whom said something along the line of "get an external
modem, getting an internal one to work isn't worth the hassle"

Instead, I got annoyed, installed OpenBSD (selected randomly from the
various BSD choices) and it found the modem right away, knew it was a modem,
and used it happily.

Thus, I am a big OpenBSD fan.

Stacie Turner

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