[techtalk] Re: OpenBSD vs. Debian 2.2

Bek Oberin gossamer at tertius.net.au
Thu Nov 2 13:34:48 EST 2000

curious wrote:
> Jumping from Debian to OpenBSD requires a little learning curve since
> devices/default shells and lots of commands behave diffrently and use
> diffrent switches...

Do you happen to know of a resource along the lines of "BSD for
Linux Users"?

I'd class myself as an experienced used, having had extensive
experience with several different distributions (currently using
Debian) but as I want to be a Sysadmin one day I recognize that I
need to learn a few different Unices.  I'm planning on installing
FreeBSD on a spare computer I have here and networking it to my
existing ones, hopefully to use it as a gateway server when I get
as far as grokking NAT etc.

I have a book "The Comprete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey which is
pretty good but obviously oriented at somebody who hasn't used
Unix before.  It's been helpful and I have read through it, but
something that covered -just- the differences would be even

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