[techtalk] OpenBSD vs. Debian 2.2

Eric Richard Turner turnere at cc.wwu.edu
Wed Nov 1 15:49:44 EST 2000

The biggest drawback of OpenBSD in my opinion is (as stated in section 1.2
of the OpenBSD FAQ):

"Yes, OpenBSD will run on your multiprocessor machine, but it will only
use one processor. There currently is no support for SMP".

If you aren't using a multiprocessor machine, then OpenBSD is probably a
good choice. My home workstation has two processors, thus OpenBSD would be
a poor choice for me.

Eric R. Turner

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Elaine Poulsen wrote:

> Yes.  The warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are running a superior
> operating system. ;-)
> Kath wrote:
> > I'm using Debian 2.2 (potato) for my school's webserver right
> > now. Would there be any benefits in changing the OS to OpenBSD 2.7
> > (Besides security, of course)? - Kath
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