[techtalk] Quick question about Linux/Mac filesharing

Amy amy at bpsinet.com
Wed Nov 1 17:22:21 EST 2000

Most of what I found on the net so far has been vague,
I assume I am looking in the wrong place. How easy is
it to use a Linux machine as a file server for a Mac
network? We have a customer whose server is  an NT machine,
and has been serving Mac Files successfully to the Mac 
design network, but now is acting funny. Rather than 
buy a Mac server that we couldn't service because we
have no Mac authorized personel, I knew I had read about
using Linux and Macs together. Can any of you out there
that have done this tell me how easy it is, or how possible 
it is? I am assuming it's possible, but I have been wrong 
before ;-)  

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