[techtalk] argh! (gnumeric troubles)

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Thu Mar 30 13:06:54 EST 2000

On Mar 30, Rik Hemsley conjectured:

> > 00098304 T gtk_object_get_data
> > 00098280 T gtk_object_get_data_by_id
> > 00096914 T gtk_object_get_type
> > 00098698 T gtk_object_get_user_data
> > 000975b0 T gtk_object_getv
> Whichever version that is, it's screwed.

THat appears to be the one in /usr/lib.  THe one in /usr/local/lib has
00099800 T gtk_object_get

> So, you need to remove the version that doesn't contain that
> symbol. Then run ldconfig.

This appears to have broken several things, including the spawn process
buttons.  ANd gnumeric still doesn't work.
I deleted the one in /usr/lib.  THat appears to, unfortunately, have been
the one RH wants.  Bah.  
> > > Now remove any old versions of libgtk that you found.
> > 
> Ok, system builders usually install in /usr rather than /usr/local.
> /usr/local is for stuff you add yourself.
> RPM should have told you that you were going to overwrite the
> old version and that you should use -U for upgrade.

I did that; the gtk+ i installed was from source (a .tar.gz I downloaded.
I forget which program it was that required newer gtk+.  Bah.)
So, now I go back and reinstall and recompile that.  I most likely still
have the source around.  (make distclean; ./configure --prefix=/usr
--exec-prefix=/usr ; make ; make install.)  And apparently I needed it for
glib 1.2.7

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