[techtalk] mutt- help! (was: Checking e-mail on server)

Tina Johnsson diffuze at diffuze.myip.org
Wed Mar 29 16:59:06 EST 2000

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Lori wrote:
> At first I thought "success!", but no - mutt still indicates
> "/var/spool/mail/username" at the bottom of the screen, and upon further
> testing (changing pop info. in Muttrc to another account) it appears mutt is
> still not using POP.  I know about putting a .muttrc in my home dir, I just
> wanted to try this w/ the existing Muttrc first.  I assume that leaving
> undeleted messages on the server is a result of my having installed a newer
> version.
> Bottom line is, I think it's either ignoring the fact that I compiled in POP
> support, or it's ignoring the POP settings in Muttrc.  
> Again, sorry if this is brain-dead obvious, but I'm kind of
> stumped for what to try next.

To check your popmail press G (that is shift+g).
Happy mutting,
Tina Johnsson
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