[techtalk] linux and MP3s

Morgan Christiansson morgan.christiansson at mobigym.se
Sun Mar 26 22:42:39 EST 2000

It's small, it's *error free* (you'll never have to run fsck!)

All you need is a binary version of mpg123 (compile it on some other

Also, i have some ideas on how to manage playlists.
There is some pretty cheap isa card that emulates a serial console, you
plug in your keyboard and monitor to the card and it works, then you can
plug in any serial console (if you have any, i don't).

Remote controll thruough network or serial link will also do fine.

The only advantage to having it be a floppy distro is that I save space,
right? Right now I am just trying to get this off the ground. So first I
want to get linux onto the computer, and I am wondering what
and how much of the distribution I need. Obviously I don't need
because all I need is to be able to run this one program, and network to
my other computer to get songs, and maybe do a bit of programing to work
out the key issue. My plan is to take appart a key board and use that in
the car. I will creat playlists , and select playlists with these keys,
which will only do certain functions once the program is running (which
will have started at startup. No screen needed in the car. I can always
take it out and plug it into a screen when I want to work on it...

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