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T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Sun Mar 26 22:17:37 EST 2000

> > IMHO, pointing out that something still has problems and isn't quite
> > polished yet doesn't qualify as "gratuitous flaming".
> I first tried Gnome when Red Hat announced they were using it as the X
> desktop in their distribution and supporting the development of Gnome.
> I thought they were premature, like everybody else.  It's been quite
> some time.  Has it improved?  Is there an objective case study
> somewhere?  I'm not terribly partisan about X desktops, and in fact I
> prefer Lesstif.  But it's not convenient for me to change desktops
> right now (KDE is what I'm using).

i used KDE for almost two years before finally switching over to gnome
after upgrading to RH 6.2beta.  gnome has really solidified a lot and
i actually have a lot fewer problems with gnome+sawmill than with kde
1.1.2.  there are still some rough edges (sawmill doesn't palette
switch properly in 8 bpp, gmc is still lacking as a file manager,
gnorpm still sucky), but overall it's not too bad.  the main reasons
for my switching are gtk/gnome's better support for wheel mice (once
you start using it you can't stop :), gnome-terminal kicking way more
butt (imho) than either kvt or konsole, and some nice gtk apps that i
use a lot like gcombust and grip.  

but, as with everything, ymmv.  at this point i think kde vs. gnome is
largely a matter of taste.  they each have their strengths and
weaknesses and deciding which is better depends on what your
particular uses and needs are.  and using one doesn't exclude the
other, either.  kde displays all the gnome menus and vice versa.

remember: choice is good.


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