[techtalk] Shell Scripts

Phil Savoie Phil.Savoie at learnix.ca
Fri Mar 24 20:40:51 EST 2000

Hi Lisa,

May I  recommend an excellent "take you by the hand and walk you down the 
garden path" book.  It is called UNIX Shells by Example by Ellie 
Quigley.  This book does C, bourne, korn, awk, sed, and grep.  There are a 
multitude of "example" snippits with line by line explanation  of each and 
comes with a CD-Rom.

Hope this helps,


At 20:16 22/03/2000 -0400, Lisa Dickson wrote:
>Trying to learn more about shell scripts.  Examples would be of great
>benefit as would site recommendations.  Any tips are appreciated.
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