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Jeff phaedrus at thereactor.cleptoscastle.com
Fri Mar 24 13:21:14 EST 2000

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 04:03:13PM -0400, Lisa Dickson wrote:
> hmm, RTFM?  resist trying funny man? :-)

Uh, yeah. ;)

> I'm IT Univ student trying to explore unknown territory--Linux.  Time
> considerations impinge (reading the manual for example) so I thought I would
> try to ascertain a "general" understanding and seek feedback from the
> experts such as those on the listserv.  :-)
> Consider me a newbie and start wherever your time permits.  Any feedback is
> appreciated.

Ok, Shell Scripts are actually pretty simple.  They are a text file
where each line* is a command you could normally run on the command

You start the file off with this:


Which has to be the *first* line in the script, Linux -- and all other
*nixen use this to identify what program will interpret the file.  After
that, '#' starts a comment which lasts until the end of the line.  I
don't really have time to get into the if/then stuff, but hopefully,
someone else will pick up the slack (time might avail itself a little
later for me to continue).

* Well, technically there are multiple line commands... but the
  definition above is good enough for now...
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