[techtalk] desperate plea for help: MS FP 2k extensions/unix

alissa bader mol666 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 08:43:20 EST 2000

hey there all, I'm not sure if this is the proper
place to post this message, but oh well.  We are
trying to run Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and 98
extensions in tandem on the same shared webserver.  We
put them into different directories.  We use a
different fpsrvadm.exe for each.  We set up each
webserver with the correct respective binary.  When
you look at each virtual webserver's config file under
/usr/local/frontpage, it shows the proper version of
extensions (3.0 for 98, 4.0 for 2000).  

Wait, there's more.  When you try to work on a fp2000
web using the fp2000 client, you can do all sorts of
things with no problems whatsoever.  You can add a
search bot.  You can add forms.  You can add
discussion groups.  And hit counters.  

But.  When you look at the web settings, under the
"tools" menu, in the fp2000 client, it says that the
webserver is running under 3.0 extensions. Okay. 
extensions version 3.0.2 1330, to be precise.

what the hell?  
Okay, so we're running Solaris 2.6 here, rather than
linux.  Okay, so we're also using Apache 1.3.6.  But
surely, one of you fine chicas out there must know
something about this situation.  Aside from the fact
that FP is a lousy piece of crap program that should
be delegated to well...I don't know, the netherregions
of some particulary foul place and time.  

thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have

mol666 at yahoo.com

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