[techtalk] Outlook woes

dez dynamix at iinet.net.au
Thu Mar 23 10:59:12 EST 2000

(nb: not quite a shout but a yelp of pain and begging ...:))
> Would it help anyone if I get her to describe how to force it to 
> behave itself? Or is there someone on the list who knows how and 
> who can summarise?
> Actually, a brilliant FAQ entry would be: 
> I have mailer XYZ. How do I...
> o Make it do lines of 72 or so characters?
> o Stop it putting the quoted message at the bottom?
> o Stop it defaulting to "HTML mail" or multipart mime stuff?
> If we could get the _answers_ for those and put them somewhere
> accessible, that would be even better :) Or is it done somewhere
> already? If so, the URL would be really useful to know!
> Telsa
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