[techtalk] PPP Problems/Questions

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Sat Mar 25 21:07:44 EST 2000

#if Pete Durst
> At this point, I know that the ISP is working, and that I am using the 
> right names and passwords, it's just something is not working the way I 
> want it to in Linux.  Arggggghhhhh.

Sounds like you might not have pap-secrets set up correctly, or it
has the wrong permissions. You should enable ppp debugging (option 'debug')
in ppp/options to check.

Anyway, my pap-secrets looks like this:
geoid * password

Where 'geoid' is the name of my machine when the ISP asks and password
is, er, the password, which I hid :)

The pap-secrets file is owned by root, group root, and mode 0600



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