[techtalk] X/windowmaker

Steve Howes steve at borago.uklinux.net
Fri Mar 24 17:35:04 EST 2000

Nicole Zimmerman wrote:


> I installed both xfs and xfstt. In /etc/X11/xfs/config, I changed
> default-point-size to = 75 (it was something like 120 before) and my
> default-resolutions to 60,60,75,75 (they were 75,75,100,100), but nothing
> changed when I restarted X (and I did relogin just to be safe).

If this is similar to my /etc/X11/fs/config then what order are your
font directories listed?  Is the 100dpi directory listed before the
75dpi directory ?  If so try swapping them around.

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