[techtalk] Raid and IMAP

Robert Siemer Robert.Siemer at gmx.de
Wed Mar 22 19:49:59 EST 2000


From: <moebius at ip-solutions.net>

> I want to setup a software raid for mail users to boost
> I/O while reading the disks.

>   My question is this, which filesystem to put on the raid. I was initally
> thinking /var/spool/mail b/c this (I think) is where all new mail is
> stored. Then I started thinking /home/* b/c /home/user/mail is where there
> folders are stored. Anyone done this before and have suggestions?

What do you want to speed up? Or better, what is to slow for your
needs? Where do you think is more perfermance possible?

Now the important questions: How many Users? Where are the
Homedirectories (no nfs)? What MailTransferAgent do you use? Do you
have quotas? Is the mailserver relay or _the_ mailhost or is it just
receiving the mail for the x users? How many mails go in which
direction (approximately)?

Further questions: How do you backup the homedirs? Size of the
homedirs? Mailspoolsize now? How many disks of which size do you have
for your RAID?

If you just want to play with RAID take the homedirs.  (:


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