Assorted brokennesses

jenn at jenn at
Sun Mar 19 08:09:20 EST 2000

In an attempt to forestall a current FAQ:

Yes, the lists went down.
Yes, the lists are still not configured correctly. 
Yes, there is a reason the subject lines don't have a [listname]:
		the lists aren't configured correctly.
Yes, there is a reason for (insert brokenness here):
		the lists aren't configured correctly.

Deb is working as hard as she can to make things right. In the meantime,
I counsel and beg that we all be patient. 

If you can send and receive mail to the lists, GREAT. Her advogato diary 
records that she struggled for days just to get that basic functionality 
up and running again.

She's moving us to a new server, and to a mailing list management system
she's not familiar with, in an attempt to get the lists as functional and
stable as possible. But she's mastering an entirely new tool to do so. It 
will take time for her to get things configured to her liking.

I'm pretty sure she'll make an announcement when it's all working correctly
and properly reconfigured again.

She's recording her struggle in her diary on Her
username there is dria, click on dria in 'people' to see and read her diary.


Jenn V.
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