Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Sat Mar 18 15:21:18 EST 2000

On Mar 18, Jeff conjectured:

> Ack!  That cheap mobo comment wasn't directed at you, Lighthouse Keeper,
> that was the quality of the i586 mobos I had to deal with... The 486
> might use a wierd chipset, or just be getting worn out (sometimes that
> happens, but not often).  My apologies.

:)  I got this computer around CHristmas 1994, and my uncle and I built it
from parts.  (Mostly my uncle, but anyway...)  Since I started trying to
put Linux on it, we discovered that there are truly interesting things
happening.  First, the mobo power got yanked from its sockets, as well as
the hard disk power.  And the RAM was being odd- the board should support
4 32 mb chips, but when they guy at the computer store was putting chips
in, the 32 mb chip said there were a total of 10 megs, and the 16 meg chip
worked.  So this thing has given me no end of trouble.  I discovered why
gcc wasn't working, though... it had none of the libraries.  (It's so
obvious what packages one needs to install to get a bare-minimum with
working compilers... :P )  Then I had to track down the 'make' rpms...
argh.  Soon I get to switch the modem out of this computer (sakura) and
put it into manji (the 486-to-be-firewall).  THe fun will start when I
have to set up a second ethernet card, whenever RoadRunner gets setup in
my town ("4th quarter 2000"... so we're lucky if we have it by Christmas.)
Joy of joys, ne?  But I'm enjoying it, once I get it all to work.  Of
course, I'm looking into a CD-RW at the moment, and trying to decide if we
want to put it in my computer or Ben's mac.  (I'd like to try setting it
up under Linux... but that's the geek in me talking.)

glad to be done with that part of it, anyway.

When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man. 
			-Anthony Burgess, _A Clockwork Orange_



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