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On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 11:19:18PM -0800, Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun wrote:
> past end of block".  And the gcc is either not there or non-functional.  I
> put RedHat 6, kernel (June 1999), no X services except the libraries that
> it installed by default.  I put egcs on it, and it didn't help at all.
> Copying the gcc from my working computer over to the old one let
> ./configure find the c compiler, but it checks to see if it works and says
> 'no, gcc cannot create executables.'  It should have the same permissions
> and be the exact same file I have on my computer, which works.  (I was

That is truly strange.  I'm really temped to blame this on
bad/incompatible hardware, yes, it does exist, unfortunately, but I'm
not going to say that absolutely.  Try running some other programs, see
what kind of errors you get (random Segmentation Faults and Bus Errors
mean that you've got some really nasty hardware incompatibilities or
broken hardware, and yes, I've seen computers that do this, they BSOD
with NT many many times a day, and while linux won't kernel panic, you
can't use any of the programs.  This is usually from cheap motherboards,
and no, I didn't buy them).

> going to upgrade the kernel, but I only have the .i686 rpm, and i don't
> think it would be happy trying to run on a 1994 i486.)  I installed from

That won't work, because there are some instructions on the i586 and the
i686 that don't exist on the i486, and the kernel is big enough to
probably use them in some spot or another if it is optimized for those

> the same RedHat cd, and everything.  (Ooh, maybe it wants the objective-c
> parts of egcs... I'll have to try that if I can't get any advice from
> y'all... or if your advice is to include it.  ;)  )  I don't think I
> installed the objective C on this computer, and its gcc works fine.

You don't need objective C on your computer.  It is a separate language
based heavily on a runtime library (fun to program in though).

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