Darren Osadchuk osadchuk at pangea.ca
Sat Mar 18 00:16:59 EST 2000

(Aside: did I happen to ping the list just when it's coming back up, or
has it been back up for a while and for altogether different reasons no
traffic was coming through?)

Anyway, trying to set up a simple firewall on my box, and getting some odd
messages, and I can't find anything on them that's helping me. My kernel
version is 2.2.14, and my ipchains version is 1.3.9. I have an ADSL
connection using PPP over Ethernet.

I started by following the IPCHAINS How-To instructions and compiled
CONFIG_FIREWALL and CONFIG_IP_FIREWALL into my kernel. According to the
How-To, you can tell if this is installed by checking for the existence of
'/proc/net/ip_fwchains' (the How-To is unclear on whether this is supposed
to be created automatically; I assumed it is). After rebooting with the
new kernel, it's still not there.

Since the next step in the How-To was to make some rules, I used the
PMFirewall software to do so. However, after that's done and all set,
starting PMFirewall gets me about a screenful of lines that all read:

ipchains: Protocol not available

Also, entering 'ipchains -L -n' gets me the following message:

ipchains: Incompatible with this kernel

So, to put it bluntly: help! What's going on here -- what am I
missing/doing wrong?

(This is basically the last thing I need to do before I can comfortably
switch to Linux as my primary O/S, so I'm a little anxious to get this set
up! :)


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