Adaptec 7xxx info?

Linda Walsh law at
Fri Mar 17 16:17:13 EST 2000


    Got two questions, really, first is more general:

    I have a semi-newbie question.  What exactly is tagged command queueing?

Does it mean I can send commands for different drives to the controller and

it will queue them or does that mean the device itself handles the requests?

    Lets suppose I have 1 drive that allows queuing and another that doesn't.

Does that mean anytime I send something to the non-queueing drive I have

to wait on that drive before sending any other commands over the bus?  Or

is the driver re-entrant such that one thread could be servicing the NQ

device while other threads would be putting queued commands on the bus

for other queueing devices?

    2nd -- where do I find the Hardware Programmers Guide for the adaptec

series -- specifically the 7890 -- like what language is downloaded into the

drive, hardware states, etc?  I can't seem to find the right location on

the adaptec website.



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