Slave server NIS woes

Jennifer Tippens jennifer at
Wed Mar 15 20:20:49 EST 2000

Was wondering if anyone ran across this type of thing before and could give advice?  
I made a NIS domain on our lan behind the firewall.  I have ypserv running and ypbind (on the server) is bound to the localhost.  I have a client that pulls the information off of the server.  I wanted to make that client a slave server, but when I did a "ypinit -m" on my master server, it times out on "Updating netid.byname" (says: netid.byname-> Callback timed out) and it exits with error 2.
When I ran ypinit -s, it said "Can't enumerate maps from Please check that it is running."  It _is_ running.  In /var/log/messages, it says: myslaveserver ypserv [9545]: ypproc_xfr: refuse to transfer map from, no valid domain.  The ip number is the correct ip number for the master server. 
Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you!
Systems Administrator, Inc.
jennifer at

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