[techtalk] Dell laptop and linux ?

spoe at mindspring.com spoe at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 7 23:35:09 EST 2000

On 7 Mar 00, at 15:57, Nicoya Helm wrote:

> Anyone have any experience running any flavor of *ix on a Dell Latitude?
> Any pitfalls, horror stories, grand successes?  I'm going to hopefully be
> doing the dual-boot thing (I don't even have the laptop yet).
> thanx
> ~~~Nicoya...
I've been running on an Inspiron 7000 since last August -- Debian 
has worked well, and netenv is a must if you're network config is 
going to change regularly.  Main thing to avoid so far as I can tell is 
the built in modem.

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