[techtalk] Linux Agents/Robots ??

Robert Siemer Robert.Siemer at gmx.de
Tue Mar 7 16:39:45 EST 2000


From: Kir Kolyshkin <kir at sgp.sever.ru>
> Robert Siemer wrote:

> > Search-engines: ht://dig, e-swift(?), web-glimpse

> I want to add UdmSearch engine to this list - this is a project I work on
> during my free time, and it's very promising indeed. Look at
> http://mysearch.udm.net to find out why.

Hey, it looks really good!

But give me an honest answer: What would you use, if you want to serve
questions like: 
'php* NEAR *auth* AND pam AND 129.13 OR some.*reg{1,4}exp'

Do you know ftpsearch.lycos.com?  (:

What do you think about web-glimpse?


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