[techtalk] everybuddy/icq trouble

aprilk aprilk at linuxstart.com
Tue Mar 7 05:11:26 EST 2000

I think licq comes with ways to convert them from windows to what it
uses (text files). That just might help you. Or I can just extract
the script and pass that along. They are perl scripts for the different
versions of icq.


Nicole Zimmerman <colby at wsu.edu> wrote:
>> Well, if there were actually anything *useful* in those files, I sure
>> couldn't tell.  One appeared to be a dialogue that was saved, the rest
>> were random 4 character bits of text.  And there was one that seemed to be
>> linked to porn.  *sigh*
>I think you're going to have to convert them or do it the hard way (write
>them down)... :o(
>I think you're getting the right information, but not enough of it to make
>it coherent. :o(
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