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Julia Frizzell julia_frizzell at brown.edu
Mon Mar 6 17:19:54 EST 2000

[didn't see the original post...]

>Anyone have any experience with using multiple boxes on a single cable
>modem configured for DHCP?
>There is a Win box that is able to configure and connect fine. however a
>linux box attached to the same cable modem will not work.  No ip is
>assigned, and no traffic can travel through the cable modem..
>Thanks in advance...

What service are you using? I know that MediaOne configures hostnames 
based upon the MAC address. So unless you're switching the network 
cards, it may not work to just change the computers and all sorts of 

Is your Win box running Win98? If you get 2nd Edition, you can run IP 
Connection sharing and, with a small hub, use that Winbox as your 
server to connect other boxen. That's what I have at home, since I 
haven't been able to get the Linux drive to successfully see the 
second network card (although, I admit, I haven't tried TOO hard, my 
husband gets upset when his internet access is unavailable for a 
period of time (grin)).

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